What to expect from a country house hotel in the Lake District

The Lake District is truly a gorgeous part of the world to be in. The steeply rising fells that protrude into the vast open Cumbrian skies, the verdant forests and fields that paint the countryside in rich tones of green and brown against the deep blue waters of the lakes and streams, and the many towns and villages bristling with character and history that lie nestled within the valleys. All of these things contribute in making the Lake District somewhere where you can feel truly detached and freed from the stresses of modern life, and if you’re looking for hotels in Grasmere, the historic Lake District country house of Lancrigg could be the ideal place for you. But what can you expect from the experience?

For one thing, whilst we can’t guarantee the weather will be tropical, your welcome will most certainly be warm. Although the hotel is an old country manor, there is no trace of aristocratic coldness here, only an informal atmosphere and friendly staff that want to make you feel at home.

Having housed guests since the early 19th century, the hotel has preserved the exterior feel of a country manor whilst still featuring modern amenities and luxurious interiors. Whilst Victorian-era architecture is very beautiful, it’s fair to admit that modern beds are leaps and bounds ahead in terms of comfort, so you that get the best of both worlds and most importantly, you are well rested to tackle the trails that lie ahead. Each of the ten en suite rooms are replete with sumptuous beds and creature comforts, and are individually finished with subtle but stylish décor, so that your experience is not only calming and comfortable, it’s unique too.

Unwind amongst the natural beauty of Grasmere

One thing that the Lake District is not lacking – aside from the dozens of lakes, of course – are huge areas of stunning wild forest. When you stay at Lancrigg, you don’t even need to leave the grounds of the hotel to explore almost thirty acres of pleasant, mature gardens and deciduous woodlands. There aren’t many things better for the soul than wandering through woods, gazing at the plant and wildlife, listening to the bird song, and simply soaking up the peaceful solitude of the great outdoors.

And if you decide to venture beyond the realms of the grounds, our Grasmere hotel is located in such a way that you can simply head out directly onto trails that take you onto the fells, which are truly breath-taking in more ways than one. Once you make your way up to the summit of one of the many peaks, such as nearby Helm Crag or Easdale Tarn, and take in the 360-degree vistas that surround you, it’s not hard to see why the Lake District – and the hotel itself – has been the source of refuge and inspiration for scores of writers, painters and poets.

Feel inspired by the storied history of the house and grounds

The connection of Lancrigg and Grasmere to poetry is a long and illustrious one. Grasmere, a famously picturesque village, was once the seasonal home of one of the key figures in the Romantic era, William Wordsworth. Both he and his sister Dorothy spent much of their time in the Lake District, sourcing inspiration for Wordsworth work, most famously the ode to solitude that is ‘I Wondered Lonely as a Cloud’. In fact, the pair frequented the Lancrigg gardens, a fact that is proudly commemorated with a memorial in the grounds themselves. For any traveler who has an interest or appreciation for the works of Wordsworth, the feeling of being able to sit and ponder in the same places as one of England’s most celebrated poets is truly unique.

Revitalise yourself with the finest local food and drink

As hugely as refreshing and invigorating as a long trek up steep mountain ridges and along winding river-valleys may be, hearty delicious food and good drink are important things to come home to. Once you’ve returned from braving the elements or visiting one of the many charming towns and villages in the nearby area, you can expect to have some truly delicious food (catered to suit any dietary requirements) served to you in the newly-refurbished dining room overlooking the Grasmere fells. After this, you can enjoy local hospitality and indulge in some fine drink amongst the historic setting of the newly-renovated and family-friendly Poet’s Bar.

For the traveller who wants peace and quiet away from the hectic nature of modern life, to take in mountain air, or to enjoy the famed hospitality of the region, your search for places to stay in Grasmere can come to an end. Lancrigg can offer you all of these things in abundance as well as giving you the special feeling that comes from staying somewhere with such a cache of history.

Visit Lancrigg

The new Lancrigg Hotel has undergone significant refurbishment but retains the same quirky charm that regulars will remember fondly. The modernisation and addition of luxury make the hotel the prime location for exploring the Lake District. With delightful food available, and stunning walks on offer just up the road, make sure your next stay in Grasmere is with us.

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