Kids deal - 2 courses & drink for £12.99

Served 2pm - 8pm



Potato and watercress soup £

With or without crème fraîche, crusty bread, olive oil and balsamic ve

Fresh crab tart, langoustines in maltaise £9

Herb salad, dill pickle salsa

Salad of native mussel prawn and squid £11

Mignionette shallot dressing, saffron aioli

Griddled broccoli salad £8 

Baby spinach leaves, black grapes, rocket and hazelnut pesto, lemon ve

Cartmel smoked duck with quails eggs £10

Pickled carrot, hoi-sin golden beet, toasted sesame, miso dressing

A guide to The Lakes

Slow roast beef Aberdeen Angus sirloin £28

Goose fat potatoes, carrot puree, crushed roots, parsnip chips, seasonal vegetables, truffle yorkie, marrowbone gravy, horseradish cream

Native Seatrout Niçoise £24

Seasonal Niçoise with asparagus broccoli, Jersey Royals, confit tomatoes, Kalamata olives, quail egg, anchovy, citrus dressing

“Blind Niçoise” £18

With asparagus, broccoli, chargrilled courgette, golden beetroot,  Jersey Royals, confit tomatoes, Kalamata olives, truffle scrambled tofu ve

Stuffed smoked aubergines with polenta chips £22

Baba ganouj, grey pea cous cous, sticky pomegranate vegetables v

Irish sea prawn and Isle of Mann  scallop £28

Marinated potatoes, asparagus spears, candy beetroot, seasonal leaves, marsh samphire, lemon

Bound by natural piety

Rhubarb and custard tart £8 

Grasmere gingerbread ice cream, fresh raspberries v

Baked lingonberry cheesecake £8

White chocolate mousse, citrus Chantilly cream v

Toffee apple crumble Bakewell £7

Sticky toffee ice cream, date puree, vanilla custard v

Sorbet selection £8

With fresh berries in sweet balsamic ve

Lancashire and Cumbrian cheeses £12

Pickled walnut, chutney, crackers, fruits 

Crackers, chutney, fruits (£3 supplement)

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