What makes the perfect Lake District fine dining experience?

There are few things more enjoyable than eating out in a great restaurant. It’s the perfect way to relax and unwind, spend time with friends, and taste some truly delicious food. Here’s what we think makes the perfect dining experience…

Culinary expertise

An essential quality of any top restaurant is that they’re culinary experts. Chefs should be experienced, talented and passionate about delivering exceptional dishes. They should take great pride in what they do, only sending food out that they’re completely happy with. Chefs should also be prepared to cater to all dietary requirements.

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Imaginative menu with plenty of choice

One of the key elements to creating the perfect dining experience is a menu that’s bursting with imagination and creative flair. It should offer dishes that intrigue and excite. Variety is also important when it comes to the menu. Although excessive choice can sometimes create confusion, it’s nice to have a menu which offers a good selection of foods in order to accommodate a range of tastes and palates.


Locally sourced ingredients

Although virtually all restaurants agree that the finest quality produce is required to prepare sublime dishes for their menus, not all source it locally. However, produce that’s sourced locally generally tastes better, helping to create the perfect dining experience for customers. What’s more, it can help locally based businesses too. The very best Lake District restaurants usually source fish, meat, vegetables and bakery produce as locally as possible.

A relaxing ambience

For the perfect dining experience, it’s not just about food and drink. Ambience is crucial too. Top restaurants invest time and money into creating a cosy, friendly and mellow atmosphere where customers can unwind and enjoy their meal with friends and family. Candles and soft and romantic lighting, as well as inspired décor, combine to create a highly relaxing ambience.

Value for money

Value for money is certainly not to be forgotten when it comes to creating a truly sublime dining experience. Menus should be brimming with choice and variety, but they should also be competitively priced, providing something for most budgets. Many Grasmere restaurants offer tasting menus which are usually very affordable and offer diners the chance to sample various foods.

Lancrigg Hotel & Kitchen

Lancrigg is one of the highest rated restaurants in the Lake District and is the premier choice for those seeking the perfect dining experience. If you’re looking to devour incredible dishes made from locally sourced produce in a relaxing atmosphere, you will find yourself well catered for!

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